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ViewHD HDMI to Component RCA+VGA Converter with 5.1CH Surround Sound

The ViewHD HDMI to Component / VGA Converter is a utility console that converts video in one form into video of another form. What this means, basically, is that you can use it to play HDMI digital videos on devices that normally couldn't handle that sort of thing. The process is simple. The video is coming from somewhere, like a blue-ray player or a laptop, and you want the video to play somewhere else, like your TV. Sometimes the cords don't match up though, and that's where ViewHD's Converter comes in. You plug the HDMI cable, which connects to a digital source, into the ViewHD HDMI to Component + VGA Converter. Then you plug the ViewHD's device into your TV, projector or monitor with a cable that fits. The ViewHD will convert the video from whatever format it is in, into component and VGA format that your VGA monitor can understand. It perfectly converts HDCP digital rights managed content to component analog and VGA format.

Streaming Media Compliant.

This isn't the only product on the market that accomplishes this, but it is one of the better ones by far. There are two HDMI inputs that you can switch between without any hassle at all. There are also multiple output formats, so it will work with most anything you want to display on. VGA and Component Video are what it converts to, and other than digital, those are the two main formats that video exists as. A lot of people use this product with their Apple TVs, and they were practically designed to work perfectly together. It is also used by BOXEE users as a compatible converter device with BOXEE HTPC. Roku XS and Revue are reported compliant with this device too. The output video quality is as high as it gets, at 1080p, so the video never looks grainy. Finally, the most recent version of this device also fully supports surround sound, making it a great candidate to enter your home entertainment system.

Handles the Demands.

But those are just the stats. What are real people online saying about this product? Reading reviews online, plenty more information is found. Some people seem honestly surprised by the fact that it works the way they want it to. Other devices like this one, as it turns out, don't do that very often, and they're much more particular about how you use them exactly. The fact that it works as advertised is something that many reviewers comment about. People use it for all sorts of things. They can now play digital videos on TVs from before digital video became common. Apple TVs work excellently, and some people connect it to their projectors that aren't made to project HDMI videos. The video quality, the two places for input, and the surround sound support are really the things that make people love this device. The designers really went all-out with the features, and every reviewer is very happy about that. The one con to buying this product is that the conversions are one way. There isn't a way to input RCA or VGA and output HDMI.

Technical Features of ViewHD's HDMI to Multiple Output Converter:

  • It converts HDMI digital video to Component Video. HDMI to Component RGB (Red, Green, Blue), YPbPr. 
  • I gives what it gets. It converts same resolution video image from HDMI to RGB. For instance, it converts 480P digital video to 480P analog video. 
  • It converts HDMI digital video to VGA video. VGA, Video Graphics Array ports are used in PC monitors. 
  • It converts HDMI digital sound to two channel stereo audio. Either 3.5mm stereo jack or with the L/R stereo RCA cable pluggable to 3.5mm stereo jack. 
  • It converts HDMI digital sound to SPDIF 5.1CH Optical Surround Sound. One exception: If the HDMI source streams stereo audio, it doesn't convert it to surround sound. You keep getting same two channel stereo sound even though it's switched to 5.1CH SPDIF channel. 
  • All the input and output cables could be simultaneously plugged. Two input ports of HDMI, Component Video, VGA, Stereo and SPDIF ports are on board. 
  • You don't need to plug in or out any cable to switch the source or output. There are switch keys for all of the input and output channels behind the converter. Just go and switch whatever audio - video input or output you want to use. 
  • Precisely Centered RGB – Component Video Image: The only converter which recreates the sync and timing alignment completely to perfectly center the display. It is by by far the most competitive among the converters in this feature. 
  • High Compatibility (Supports Apple TV) and best Performance (Bright and Crystal Clear Component Video Image). It also tested with BOXEE and it works well with it. 
  • It stands out as the most powerful HDCP decoder in it's class. It supports older TVs which aren't compliant with HDCP. 
  • YPbPr Component Output Supports 480i, 480P, 576i, 576P, 720P, 1080i and 1080P modes. (1080P is a new feature in this version. Most of the new 1080P TVs can accept & display 1080P component video).
  • VGA Output Supports 480i, 480P, 576i, 576P, 720P, 1080i, 1080P modes. 
  • ViewHD supports this product with One Year Warranty.

All in all, if you're looking for something to convert digital video into a more convenient format, this may very well be the product that you're looking for. The technical stats don't lie, and the reviews are mostly positive. ViewHD really gets the job done, with ease and clarity.
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