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HDCP HDMI to VGA + SPDIF RGB Component YPbPr Converter

The HDCP HDMI to VGA + SPDIF RGB Component YPbPr Converter v1.3b is for older generation of analog TVs and monitors and is inclusive of VGA interface or component for adapting digital HDMI A/V signals. The TV does not need to be HDCP compliant. This HDMI to RCA converter makes use of a unit HDMI source for accessing to a single VGA and L/R audio sink or unit component YPbPr and L/R audio sink. The HDMI to RCA converter allows a unit HDMI device to be converted easily to a unit VGA or single YPbPr component video projector or monitor. The unit is inclusive of power adapter. The HDCP VGA+RGB works well with several video sources including satellites, cable, HD media, and DVD player. The use of computer HDMI output as source of video causes results to vary because of significant variations in difference of video cards and experience of the user. The use of the TV as an extended display instead of a clone display can or cannot work.

A Necessary product to have.

The HDCP HDMI VGA=SPDIF Component YPbPr Converter v1.3b is a must product for those who have a very good TV set that doesn’t have an HDMI input but just the classic component video and other not very good interfaces including S video, RF, Composite video together with right and left audio jacks. There are devices with HDMI and need to have the HDMI interface in action to feed every HDMI device into preamp without the need to cabling the component audio and video for a satisfying High Definition TV experience. One still needs to have HDMI regardless of classic video and audio if he/she wants to have the right HDTV and its audio.

Working with HDMI specifications.

An HDMI specification does not allows one’s equipment to down covert the HDMI to component video and it’s audio once it is HDMI. The pre-amp is able to up-concert to HDMI if a non-HDMI device is fixed to it and supports the feature but will not be able to do-convert. The reason can be the consumer electronics industry wants major TV sets to become obsolete immediately. This HDMI to RCA converter provides the down-convert ability at least for a component video resolution. It also allows for the attachment of a computer monitor to it using a switch for setting either VGA (RGB) or component video but not all are the same time.

HDCP HDMI to VGA + SPDIF Component Converter Features:

  • Supports video input: HDMI 1.2a; HDCP 1.2 protocol compliant.
  • Conversion of one HDMI input signal to one YPbPr and R/L or VGA and SPDIF sink device.
  • Working of source or sink is indicated by a LED.
  • Supports audio output: SPDIF (optical) + R/L analog.

A customer who bought the HDCP HDMI to VGA + SPDIF RGB Component YPbPr Converter v1.3b to connect his PS3 to the projector that only had a VGA and component input said it produced great picture quality and was the best cheaper option of converters available in the market.
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