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HDMI to RCA Converter


A Simple Guide for HDMI to RCA Converter:

HDMI to RCA Converter converts digital HDMI signals to analog RCA. HDMI transmits uncompressed digital audio and video data to the devices which comply with the same interface. RCA is one of the oldest and most used connector types. It connects analog media devices. It is invented in early 1940s by Radio Corp. of America. It’s name comes from the name of inventor firm.

HDMI is the latest industry flag for the high definition multimedia interface. It enables very wide opportunity to connect the tech devices to render their high potential. However, HDMI and HDMI based equipment still haven’t completed their evolution. It’s because RCA devices are used for a long time in the industry. For sure, you can’t find any multimedia device that hasn’t an RCA connector in your house.

However, HDMI is fastly invading the multimedia industry. It comes with almost all of the new media devices. We can safely say that, it eliminated all of it’s rivals by now. Let’s have a look, which devices use HDMI ports to communicate with others: HDTV, Blu-Ray Disc players, video game consoles (PS, XBOX 360, WII), mobile phones, PCs and sure many more…

Most known RCA connectors are Composite and Component RCA connectors. Composite connectors transmit CVBS video signals between the compatible devices. You can recognize them with their yellow color. It mostly supported with two other connectors that transmit Left and Right stereo audio. Left and right (L/R) audio connectors are white and red hued parts. This system is also called 3 RCA.

Component video is an analog video type that is separated to three channels. YPbPr or simply known as RGB (Red, Green, Blue). Component connectors are cables designed to transfer video signals in three cables. They are also assisted with L/R audio cables. They are called as 5 RCA with the addition of audio cables.

Where we need HDMI to RCA Converters? We need to use them to connect any HDMI source to older multimedia devices. Such as CRT TVs, projectors, stereo speakers, older sound systems etc. We need to use HDMI to RCA Converters for most of the pre-2003 produced products.
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