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ViewHD HDMI to Component RCA+VGA Converter with 5.1CH Surround Sound

The ViewHD HDMI to Component / VGA Converter is a utility console that converts video in one form into video of another form. What this means, basically, is that you can use it to play HDMI digital videos on devices that normally couldn't handle that sort of thing. The process is simple. The video is coming from somewhere, like a blue-ray player or a laptop, and you want the video to play somewhere else, like your TV. Sometimes the cords don't match up though, and that's where ViewHD's Converter comes in. You plug the HDMI cable, which connects to a digital source, into the ViewHD HDMI to Component + VGA Converter. Then you plug the ViewHD's device into your TV, projector or monitor with a cable that fits. The ViewHD will convert the video from whatever format it is in, into component and VGA format that your VGA monitor can understand. It perfectly converts HDCP digital rights managed content to component analog and VGA format.

Streaming Media Compliant.

This isn't the only product on the market that accomplishes this, but it is one of the better ones by far. There are two HDMI inputs that you can switch between without any hassle at all. There are also multiple output formats, so it will work with most anything you want to display on. VGA and Component Video are what it converts to, and other than digital, those are the two main formats that video exists as. A lot of people use this product with their Apple TVs, and they were practically designed to work perfectly together. It is also used by BOXEE users as a compatible converter device with BOXEE HTPC. Roku XS and Revue are reported compliant with this device too. The output video quality is as high as it gets, at 1080p, so the video never looks grainy. Finally, the most recent version of this device also fully supports surround sound, making it a great candidate to enter your home entertainment system.

Handles the Demands.

But those are just the stats. What are real people online saying about this product? Reading reviews online, plenty more information is found. Some people seem honestly surprised by the fact that it works the way they want it to. Other devices like this one, as it turns out, don't do that very often, and they're much more particular about how you use them exactly. The fact that it works as advertised is something that many reviewers comment about. People use it for all sorts of things. They can now play digital videos on TVs from before digital video became common. Apple TVs work excellently, and some people connect it to their projectors that aren't made to project HDMI videos. The video quality, the two places for input, and the surround sound support are really the things that make people love this device. The designers really went all-out with the features, and every reviewer is very happy about that. The one con to buying this product is that the conversions are one way. There isn't a way to input RCA or VGA and output HDMI.

Technical Features of ViewHD's HDMI to Multiple Output Converter:

  • It converts HDMI digital video to Component Video. HDMI to Component RGB (Red, Green, Blue), YPbPr. 
  • I gives what it gets. It converts same resolution video image from HDMI to RGB. For instance, it converts 480P digital video to 480P analog video. 
  • It converts HDMI digital video to VGA video. VGA, Video Graphics Array ports are used in PC monitors. 
  • It converts HDMI digital sound to two channel stereo audio. Either 3.5mm stereo jack or with the L/R stereo RCA cable pluggable to 3.5mm stereo jack. 
  • It converts HDMI digital sound to SPDIF 5.1CH Optical Surround Sound. One exception: If the HDMI source streams stereo audio, it doesn't convert it to surround sound. You keep getting same two channel stereo sound even though it's switched to 5.1CH SPDIF channel. 
  • All the input and output cables could be simultaneously plugged. Two input ports of HDMI, Component Video, VGA, Stereo and SPDIF ports are on board. 
  • You don't need to plug in or out any cable to switch the source or output. There are switch keys for all of the input and output channels behind the converter. Just go and switch whatever audio - video input or output you want to use. 
  • Precisely Centered RGB – Component Video Image: The only converter which recreates the sync and timing alignment completely to perfectly center the display. It is by by far the most competitive among the converters in this feature. 
  • High Compatibility (Supports Apple TV) and best Performance (Bright and Crystal Clear Component Video Image). It also tested with BOXEE and it works well with it. 
  • It stands out as the most powerful HDCP decoder in it's class. It supports older TVs which aren't compliant with HDCP. 
  • YPbPr Component Output Supports 480i, 480P, 576i, 576P, 720P, 1080i and 1080P modes. (1080P is a new feature in this version. Most of the new 1080P TVs can accept & display 1080P component video).
  • VGA Output Supports 480i, 480P, 576i, 576P, 720P, 1080i, 1080P modes. 
  • ViewHD supports this product with One Year Warranty.

All in all, if you're looking for something to convert digital video into a more convenient format, this may very well be the product that you're looking for. The technical stats don't lie, and the reviews are mostly positive. ViewHD really gets the job done, with ease and clarity.
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HDMI Audio Extractor Digital to Analog Converter Dolby Decoder Optical / Stereo RCA

The HDMI Audio Extractor Digital to Analog Converter Dolby Decoder Optical / Stereo RCA is new LUX-11 HDMI audio extractor, decoder, and converter. This an HDMI audio extractor that allows one top get extract audio signals from the HDMI source. When an HDMI device is connected to a TV set or any other display, one will not get great audio from the inbuilt speakers of the TV set.

In case of display only device, one does not get any audio at all. This audio extractor allows you to take your original HDMI audio signal and convert it to an optical or analog L/R audio. All the digital audio formats including 5.1 and 7.1 surround are supported and are easily converted to an analogue L/R stereo RCA by setting of the audio output switch to 2Ch-LPCM.

The meaning of conversion of digital audio formats to analog is one is able to output signal to an external speaker, and audio receiver without the need for digital inputs/amplifier etc. This HDMO to RCA converter is compliant with HDMI 1.3 and built with HDCP 1.2 and DVI 1.0, supports HDMI sample audio for up to 192 kHz, supports TMDS clock frequency rate 225 MHz, supports optical sample rate and supports high-bit-rate (HBR) audio.

The testing of HDMI audio extractor Digital to Analogue RCA using HDMI distance cable showed with the 1080p, 8bit resolution, the input and output is able to be run up to 15 meters low power consumption, supports a built in audio EDID switch of LPCM2 and sound channel 5.1/7.1.

Connections and Operations.

The HDMI to RCA Converter and Audio Extractor allows one top extract analogue and digital audio from an HDMI signal while at the same time sending original video and audio signals to your HD device. When the display used has no speakers, one is still able to extract the analogue audio to external speakers or a digital audio amp. When making a connection all devices must be switched off before attempting any connections. The devices are switched on once all the connections have been made. The source device such as the Blu-ray player is connected to the HDMI to RCA converter and Audio extractor input port. The High Definition display is connected to the HDMI splitter’s output port and audio out ports to the amplification speakers.

HDMI Audio Extractor Digital to Analog Converter Dolby Decoder Optical / Stereo RCA features:

  • Supporting HDMI sample rates up to 192Khz 
  • Supports HDTV resolutions 480i, 576i, 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p 
  • Compatible with HDMI 1.3b, HDCP 1.2 and DVI 1.O 
  • Optical audio supports PCM2, DTS 5.1 and Dolby 5.1 
  • Analogue audio compliant with LPCM2 
  • Supporting optical sample rates up to 48khx 
  • Output and input connectors are able to support up to 7.5 meters 
  • Has bandwidth up to 225mhz 
  • High Bit Rate audio is supported 
  • Both the DVI-D source and display devices are supported with resolutions up to DVI-D/HDMI adapter cables.

HDMI Audio Extractor Digital to Analog Converter Dolby Decoder Optical / Stereo RCA has a reliable reputation among the users.

Click here for further details.
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LinkStyle PC to TV HDMI to 5 RCA Component Converter

This device is an HDMI to RCA converter box that converts HDMI to component video (YPbPr) and stereo audio (R/L) allowing you to enjoy a High Definition image and sound output when watching movies or playing Video games on an older analogue Projector or TV which doesn’t have an HDMI input. The LinkStyle PC to TV HDMI to 5 RCA Component Converter offers solutions for digital entertainment center, HDTV, DVD HDTV retail and show site, noise space and security concerns, conference solutions such as room presentations, school and corporate training environments and information distribution systems among others.

How it works?

This HDMI to RCA converter is designed to convert an HDMI signal to RGB (red, green and blue component) format. Devices that are only equipped with an HDMI output are able to be connected to an analogue TV thanks to the LinkStyle PC to TV HDMI to 5 RCA Component Converter + HDMI Male to Male Cable 6 Feet + LinkStyle Cable Tie. The provided 3RCA and AV cable in this device is connected to TV and HDMI displayer such as High Definition TV and the provided power supply. The user using this system of HDMI to RCA converter will have fun. One thing to note is that the device is not compliant to XBOX 360.

Great Price for a great stereo choice.

The excellent LinkStyle PC to TV HDMI to 5 RCA Component Converter is packed with great features including HDMI Cable, cable tie and “special” free shipping. We say special, as we see this feature before than the product title. This device is available in many stores and is therefore wise for one to buy it from a trusted store. This HDMI to RCA converter is a great stereo device for all to enjoy.

The included proprietary advanced color engine technology, brilliant and fresh color, accurate and independent color control, vivid skin tone, high definition image, high quality sound and intensified contrast and details gives this device an added competitive edge over others. It is easy to install and operate and requires no additional software. Just buy and begin using it hassle free.

LinkStyle PC to TV HDMI to 5 RCA Component Converter’s Features and Technical Specifications:

  • Converts HDMI signal to component video signals (RGB – YPbPr).
  • HDMI video input formats that allowed to convert: 480i / 576i / 480p / 576p / 720p / 1080i.
  • Component / R-L Outputs : YPbPr, R/L; 480P@60Hz, 576P@50Hz, 720P@50/60Hz, 1080i@50/60Hz.
  • Compliant to PS3, DVD, HD camera and all devices that have HDMI output.
  • Buy, plug and play, install in moments, no need any settings to do and it’s a resolution pass-through converter.
  • Package Details: The Device, a 6 feet (2m) HDMI Cable, LinkStyle’s Cable, an AC Power Adapter and user manual.
A customer who did not buy the device through Amazon reports that he has difficulties connecting to Panasonic HDTV and HDNI output. He says could not get audio or video out of it nor did the lights indicate signal. This shows the importance of buying the device from a trusted vendor.
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J-Tech Digital Premium Quality Two Input HDMI to RGB Component YPbPr / VGA 2 to 1 Switch Converter

The J-Tech Digital Premium Quality Two Input HDMI to RGB Component YPbPr / VGA 2 to 1 Switch Converter is a premium quality two input HDMI to RGB component YPbPr/VGA 2 to 1 switch converter. This HDMI to RCA converter has the best performance and best compatibility compared to other devices and provides support for Apple TV.

The J-tech Digital premium two input HDMI to RGB component Switch converter does not have major performance and compatibility problems for similar products including lack of SPDIF audio out, RGB video off centered shift to the left, and not being able to support Apple TV. One should note that the maximum resolution for Apple TV is 720P. This HDMI to RCA converter supports older none HDCP compliment TVs. This is the only device of converters in the market that perfectly centers RGB/Component video image.

The synch and timing alignment is completely recreated for the different SMPTE (NTSC/PAL) standards for all models. It has two HDMI inputs with two output options: the VGA video for computer monitor and Component (YPbPr/RGB) video for TV. The VGA output for the J-tech Digital premium two input HDMI to RGB component Switch converter is good for computer monitor applications but not suitable for TV. The component video does not offer support for 1080P.

The HDMI input modes for this HDMI to RCA converter include 480I, 480P. 576P, 720P, 1080I, and 1080P. The YPbPr output mode includes 480I, 480P, 576I, 576P, 720P, 1080I. The VGA out put mode include 480I, 480P, 576I, 576P, 720P, 1080I, and 1080P. The component video does not offer support for the 1080P. If you need one that supports 1080P, ViewHD’s same product supports it. Nevertheless, support 5.1CH and 2Ch SPDIF optical, 3.5mm and RCA L/R outputs.

Among The best Converters so far.

The J-tech Digital premium two input HDMI to RGB component Switch converter is among the best converters in the market. This HDMI to RCA converter is able to hook up a Wii, a PC, a Mac mini and HDTV devices for one to start enjoying them without the need to buy different converters for the job, which have messy wires lying around. The J-tech Digital premium two input HDMI to RGB component Switch converter is light in weight but capable of working great. The VGA output and component of the converter are able to work at the same time without compromising on quality.
Features and Specifications of the Converter:
  • Supports older none HDCP complaint TVs and connects to component video and VGA monitor simultaneously.
  • Supports 5.1Ch and 2Ch SPDIF Optical, 3.5 mm and RCA L/R (RCA L/R Cable can be connected to 3.5mm output with a Y cable) outputs for both VGA and component modes simultaneously.
  • Two HDMI inputs with two output options.
  • Best HDMI to RCA converter because of best performance and best compatibility to other devices.
  • Supported HDMI Signals: 480I, 480P, 576I, 576P, 720P, 1080I and 1080P.
  • Supported Component Ypbpr/RGB Output Signals: 480I, 480P, 576I, 576P, 720P, 1080i.
  • Supported VGA Outputs: 480I, 480P, 576I, 576P, 720P, 1080i and 1080p.

A customer at Amazon said this was the best device for his old projector that had only component (YPbPr/RGB_ inputs. He used this converter to connect to his new Apple TV 2g to the projector.
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HDCP HDMI to VGA + SPDIF RGB Component YPbPr Converter

The HDCP HDMI to VGA + SPDIF RGB Component YPbPr Converter v1.3b is for older generation of analog TVs and monitors and is inclusive of VGA interface or component for adapting digital HDMI A/V signals. The TV does not need to be HDCP compliant. This HDMI to RCA converter makes use of a unit HDMI source for accessing to a single VGA and L/R audio sink or unit component YPbPr and L/R audio sink. The HDMI to RCA converter allows a unit HDMI device to be converted easily to a unit VGA or single YPbPr component video projector or monitor. The unit is inclusive of power adapter. The HDCP VGA+RGB works well with several video sources including satellites, cable, HD media, and DVD player. The use of computer HDMI output as source of video causes results to vary because of significant variations in difference of video cards and experience of the user. The use of the TV as an extended display instead of a clone display can or cannot work.

A Necessary product to have.

The HDCP HDMI VGA=SPDIF Component YPbPr Converter v1.3b is a must product for those who have a very good TV set that doesn’t have an HDMI input but just the classic component video and other not very good interfaces including S video, RF, Composite video together with right and left audio jacks. There are devices with HDMI and need to have the HDMI interface in action to feed every HDMI device into preamp without the need to cabling the component audio and video for a satisfying High Definition TV experience. One still needs to have HDMI regardless of classic video and audio if he/she wants to have the right HDTV and its audio.

Working with HDMI specifications.

An HDMI specification does not allows one’s equipment to down covert the HDMI to component video and it’s audio once it is HDMI. The pre-amp is able to up-concert to HDMI if a non-HDMI device is fixed to it and supports the feature but will not be able to do-convert. The reason can be the consumer electronics industry wants major TV sets to become obsolete immediately. This HDMI to RCA converter provides the down-convert ability at least for a component video resolution. It also allows for the attachment of a computer monitor to it using a switch for setting either VGA (RGB) or component video but not all are the same time.

HDCP HDMI to VGA + SPDIF Component Converter Features:

  • Supports video input: HDMI 1.2a; HDCP 1.2 protocol compliant.
  • Conversion of one HDMI input signal to one YPbPr and R/L or VGA and SPDIF sink device.
  • Working of source or sink is indicated by a LED.
  • Supports audio output: SPDIF (optical) + R/L analog.

A customer who bought the HDCP HDMI to VGA + SPDIF RGB Component YPbPr Converter v1.3b to connect his PS3 to the projector that only had a VGA and component input said it produced great picture quality and was the best cheaper option of converters available in the market.
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HDMI to Composite S-Video Converter 3 RCA CRT TV CVBS

This HDMI to RCA Converter is a device to convert digital HDMI signals to composite analog signals. HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is a compact audio and video interface used to transmit uncompressed digital data. Composite video is one of the analog video standards used before the HDMI.

There are still a lot of TVs and projectors that use this yellow colored video interface. This converter helps you connect digital audio and video sources to your CVBS analog devices. The sources like Blu-Ray, DVD players, set-top boxes, media streamers, HD players, game consoles, PCs, AVCHD camcorders… It also converts HDMI to s-video and left right stereo audio (RCA L/R)signals.

The HDMI to Composite / S-Video Converter 3RCA CRT TV CVBS features HDMI 1.3 compatibility. It also decodes HDCP DRM content to be able to be received in analog outputs.

The common brand for this product is Port-ta. Port-ta offers 1 year part and labor warranty for this device.

Working Resolution Rates:

Interlaced: 480i,576i,1080i. Works in 50-60 Hz.

Progressive: 480p,576p,720p,1080p. Works in 50-60 Hz.

HDMI to Composite / S-Video Converter 3 RCA CRT TV CVBS features:

  • It converts HDMI to Composite signals (yellow, CVBS).
  • Supports HDCP, it can decode HDCP content.
  • It converts HDMI to S-Video analog video format too.
  • The converter also convert any sound source to L/R (left right) stereo sound.
  • Portable in size, compact and lightweight. It doesn’t cover a lot of space.
  • It works well with popular media streaming boxes. Apple TV, Roku, Boxee…
  • It supports full HD 1080p.
  • CRT TV complaint. It greatly streams the AV to CRT TVs.

Customer Reviews:

One customer on Amazon said the HDMI to Composite /S-Video Converter 3RCA CRT TV worked as described. He connected his AppleTV device to this HDMI to RCA converter through an HDMI cable. Then connected the converter to the TV set using a composite cable white, yellow, and red cable. He says the whole set up worked like a charm. It is important for customers wanting to buy this product to note that, it comes with a 6’ (A/V cable, s-video cable). So, a person does not have to purchase these separately.

It seems customers are very much satisfied with the way the HDMI to RCA converter works with Apple TV. A customer who had bought the converter said it worked perfectly although his CRT TV was 20 years old. It produces a greater view and sound for the CRT. This customer said he may buy another HDMI to RCA converter for the bedroom set up. Anybody can buy this, who wants an Apple TV but not want to upgrade everything to comply with it…

Some users complain that, it produces some heat but they add it’s not in critical level.
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HDMI to 5 RCA component AV Converter

The HDMI to 5 RCA Component AV Converter is designed to convert HDMI input to analog YPbPr video and R/L audio signal. This should be in single direction only and not bi-directional. A user is given the optimum enjoyment of high definition sound and image when he/she watches movies of pays games from the traditional YPbPr monitors or projectors. This HDMI to RCS converter is easy to use, does not require any setting, installs quickly, and converts a complete HDMI into YPBr and R/L audio output. Furthermore, it supports HDCP 1.2, output of analogue video up to UXGA and 1080p with a 10-bit DAC.

Getting the most out of this HDMI to RCA converter.

HDMI cables offer support for Hot Plug Detection, however if not used properly, it can cause resetting or restarting of both devices or even damage the devices. It is therefore not recommended that Hot Plug action be used on any HDMI cables. One should make sure the output and input devices are off when plugging or unplugging HDMI cables. HDMI to 5 RCA Component AV converters is an HDMI converter that converts HDMI input into R/L audio signal and analog YPbPr video. User are able to enjoy a high definition of sound and image when using this HDMI to RCA converter to watch movies and play games on conventional projectors and YPbPr monitors.

HDMI 5 RCA Component AV Converter Features and Specifications:

  • Convert full HDMI to YPbPr and R/L audio output.
  • Includes support for HDCP 1.2.
  • Easy installation in little time (some seconds), thus no need to set up.
  • Support for analogue Video Output of 1080p and UXGA with a 10-bit DAC.
  • HDMI video input format 480i/576i/480p/720p/1080i/576p.
  • Format channel 2 LPCM for audio output.
  • Vertical frequency range of 50/60Hz.
  • YPbPr video output format 480i/576i/480p/576p/720p/1080i.
  • Output for R/L and YPbPr.
  • Video input amplifier bandwidth 1.65 Gbps/165 Mhz.

Set-up instructions for optimum performance.

When one connects the HDMI cable and RGB component with the HDMI to 5 RCA Component. He/she should make sure the input resolution matches that of the output resolution; otherwise, there could be irregular display or a black screen.

Customer Reviews.

A customer was very much pleased by the fact that the HDMI to 5 RCA Component AV Converter works with the new Apple TV. The HDMI video is converted into an HD analog Composite @720p. Audio is also corrected in the right form from HDMI to RCA. This HDMI to RCS converted allows for output of encrypted video rentals to an analog device.

Another customer who had a Marantz surround receiver located in his technology centre upstairs in the house connected it with his Apple TV downstairs. This customer says the HDMI to RCA converter worked like a charm by converting the HDMI signal to component, through the receiver and out of the TV set.

One customer who had tried his luck on several other converters in the market finally settled on this one as the best.
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